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About EMBA


Initiated in August 2003, the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program of STUST is the first such program among Taiwans private vocational universities. The EMBAs past and current directors are Prof. Hsiu-hsung Hsieh, Prof. Jing-ho Leu, Prof. Ming-tsai Lai, and Prof. Wu-rong Shih. Up to now we already have 133 alumni. The EMBA Alumni Association of STUST was established in March, 2008.

Mission & Features

The EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) program is established to:

1.Offer MBA skills to working professionals seeking up-to-date knowledge in business management.

We aim to equip experienced working personnel with executive business and management knowledge as well as the capability to independently analyse and solve problems in diverse business environments.

2.Visualize COBs with an emphasis on business practice and academic-industry cooperation.

3.Follow STUSTs overall development plan to expand the range of research studies.

      Equal emphases are placed on the five major aspects of managerial studies: production & operation, marketing, human resource, R&D, and finance.Moreover, courses on liberal arts and global perspectives have been added to make the curricula more multidimensional.

    Our EMBA students are experienced business professionals from diverse industries.  In STUST they will enjoy an opportunity to learn from different fields and expand relationships.